For each year of the project, Open House Europe is dedicating a specific Annual Theme: ‘Building Futures Together’, ‘Accessibility and Inclusion’ and ‘Future Heritage’. The selected themes unfold through the engagement of audiences and education about exceptional examples of architecture and urban environments. A thematic focus contributes to shaping a greater agenda for a debate about contemporary and heritage architecture, their values and future.



In 2024, Open House Europe will highlight ideas of accessibility and inclusion in the built environment. Various events will showcase architectural projects that focus on care and accessible solutions, as well as practices in urban development that ensure the inclusive participation of various social groups. Moreover, each partner will improve their audience’s experience by offering more inclusive means to access local events.

     futures           together


For the first year of Open House Europe, all partner cities adopted the Annual Theme of ‘Building Futures Together’. Throughout the year, each festival highlighted different sustainable architectural practices that create positive changes in the face of the climate crisis. Topics around redevelopment, regeneration, adaptive reuse and the use of innovative materials and construction techniques were explored in the programmes of each Open House festival.



In 2025, the Open House Europe programme will centre around the Annual Theme of ‘Future Heritage’. Focusing on projects that explore repurposing heritage and urban regeneration through valuable examples of contemporary architecture, various Open House events throughout Europe will invite audiences to explore and reflect on which values and qualities the built environment will carry for future generations.