Open House Europe unites 12 organisations across Europe. Each project partner shares a common purpose: to make architecture more accessible to the public. By sharing experience, knowledge and best practices, the network enhances public appreciation and understanding of European architecture.

Each year, the Open House Europe Project Coordinator organises the Annual Summit to bring partners together for knowledge exchange. These meetings are crucial for sharing best practices and learning from one another.

Every year, the network grows by inviting two new partners. In 2023, Open House Barcelona and Open House Prague joined and became fully contributing members of the cooperation project. Additionally, Open House Tirana, Open House Copenhagen and Open House Zagreb were invited to the 2023 Annual Summit as guest cities to learn more about the Open House network and its community.

AFRONT zavod za prostorsko inovativnost

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Architektūros fondas

Vilnius, Lithuania

Asociación Open Urbanity

Bilbao, Spain

Associació Cultural 48h Open House Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Associazione Open House Milano

Milan, Italy

Forum Kunst & Architektur

Essen, Germany

Mittetulundusühing Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus

Tallinn, Estonia

Open House Greece

Athens, Greece

Open House Praha, z.  ú.

Prague, Czechia

Open House Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Spolek Kultura & Management, z.s.

Brno, Czechia

The Irish Architecture Foundation

Dublin, Ireland

Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

     a partner

Open House Europe expands its network annually by greeting new partner organisations. If you want to become a part of the Open House Europe community, join us!

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Project Coordinator

The Open House Europe project is coordinated by the Architecture Fund, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that fosters a network to broaden public understanding of architecture, applying its principles across various fields.