Old vs. New

Zuzana Palaniyappan Open House Brno 2023 · Building Futures Together

To get new or to reuse an old one?

This question is highly resonating between people and forming their behavior. The trend of reusing, recycling, repurposing or renovating (clothes, waste, goods, houses,..) is undoubtable. 

Many of us tend to buy second hand clothes not only to save money but also out of ecological and ethical reasons too. Fashion pieces made of waste can be seen both on conceptual art installations and high-end runway shows.

Moving to architecture.. 

Many of us find old houses almost breathing entities, where you can feel a certain spirit. Where stories of the past affect current drive. Renovating an old house, you renovate the house with all its stories too. Sometimes its original purpose is conserved in the past and it’s up to us to find a new one.

These ideas literally materialized on a lecture on repurposing vacant houses. It took place in a former armory plant converted into a coffeehouse and a creative space. The venue itself was a great fit. It enhanced the idea of repurposing, renovating something that already exists and finding today’s way of use.