Athens from the Eyes of Stavroula, Blending Classic Beauty with Modern Art

Stavroula Kazila Open House Athens 2024 · Accessibility and Inclusion
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I grew up in the City of Athens the Mother of Democracy and Philosophy that captivates every soul hungry for Art, Beauty and a Virtuous way of living. In that sense my photo album captures exactly the previously mentioned attributes. The Old Greek Parliament the first parliament of the newly born Greek State, its architecture pays tribute to the Ancient Greek Temples like the Parthenon with modern touches. Iliou Melathron the house of Heinrich Schliemann the archeologist responsible for the excavation of ancient Troy, he was a philhellene fascinated by the Greek culture and history, his passion is reflected at architecture of his house with phrases written in Greek and many Hellenistic touches. Lastly the Epidaurous Festival building witch started its life as a factory and years later art “civilised” it into the building that houses the EpidaurousFestival.