Bridges, Sit Together and Reflecting Structures

Mihael Vecchiet Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together
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The photo shows a meadow that is “disturbed” by the urban infrastructure, joining two parts of the city. The necessity to compromise between nature and urban infrastructure has been and will always be an issue when it comes to city planning, in the particular case here is shown Chelas, outside the urban centre of Lisbon, a very interesting area of urban expansion and how “wrong” the aformentioned compromise can be formulated.

Schools are the laboratories of the future. Here we learn how to communicate and socialise, here we make special unforgettable bonds. Building Futures Together is a topic relevant to the education of future professionals and how they will indeed shape the future. The group of chairs indicates socialisation, without which we cannot aim to have togetherness or a future.

The Teatro Thalia as in its history and current architectural concept, tells us a story of how cities and societies change while the built environment stays. The joining of two different material structures builds tensions, tensions build interactions and interactions build moments. Much like for architecture, this can also be said for human interactions.