CosmoWonderland: The Two Sides of Alice’s Journey

2023 · Building Futures Together Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together
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CosmoWonderland: The two sides of Alice’s Journey” photography series aim to integrate an alternative narrative to the urban context of Lisbon. The methodology used is based on the use of rapid photographic snapshots. I used the distortion of the panoramic effect because this leads to different possibilities to build a reality based on our inner perspective, then dynamic. The search for this pre-photographic situation leads us to observe the urban context starting from Lisbon’s dystopian and unsustainable dimension, present in the first photograph, which represents the culture of immediatism, tourism, and the fictional quality of local landscapes. While, in the second picture, this distortion is nebulized with the arrival of Alice (the girl sitting in the garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) in Wonderland, which is but a way to participate in the evolution of the city in its anthropological heart, experiencing coexistence with more sustainable architecture, with different people and welcoming the living spirit of the city, simply stopping to contemplate the surrounding reality. In other words, Alice has finished her research, and she understands that the Wonderland which she dreamt of lies in the effort to go against the tide.