Cutting at the root

Maria Mur Rodríguez Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together
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The proposal focuses on the reconstruction of the most central area of the neighbourhood of Deusto, specifically, that is the result of an urban plan implemented by the city council of Bilbao.

The main street of the neighbourhood, Lehendakari Aguirre, is blocked and disorganised, interfering with the neighbours who walk along its sidewalks.

In this attempt at architectural and urban improvement, the neighbourhood becomes an overwhelming, disorderly, and chaotic scene, going from being a pleasant crossing to a street to avoid.

The project aims to document the crime scene, portraying current scenes up close to vindicate the negativity caused by the events.

This plan has caused much discontent among neighbours, not only those living in buildings along the avenue but also trees that are cut down and animals that live in the uncertainty of not recognizing their home.

As the Open House proposal states, this is an unsustainable urban plan and through the photographic project, the overwhelming feeling felt by a neighbour, whose image of the neighbourhood he has lived in is usurped to be submerged in a chaos of garbage and construction debris.