Driven by the senses…

Maria Chatzidourou Open House Athens 2024 · Accessibility and Inclusion
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Coming across the title of this year’s Open House Europe theme, I immediately thought of a specific tour for the visually impaired people, which I photographed on behalf of Open House Athens. It was a very educational experience, which taught me that the observation of architecture can have many different approaches· approaches that do not necessarily require our sight.
They moved their hands over the tactile maps as their bodies navigated through the corridors. They felt the changes of each space and by touching the tactile model they started asking some questions that hadn’t crossed my mind up until then, focusing on the building’s features in a meaningful way.
Through this tour, I realized that perhaps we don’t always perceive art and architecture with the maximum of our senses.

[With the support of Open House Athens, MindTheMap and Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece]