(Re)Inhabiting the Collective Space: Vila Romão da Silva’s (Re)Construction Site

Clara Sprung Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Silence as a result of abandonment and oblivion must be fought. We must think, design and build with a focus on strengthening human relations within today’s fragmented society. Building a cohesive and sustainable city of the future requires design solutions with a focus on collectivity, overcoming social inequalities imprinted in the urban fabric, respecting both the memory and history of places and innovating by using technology in an intelligent manner (i.e. in favour of humanity and never in an abusive fashion). This sequence of images portrays the reconstruction work of a typical old villa in Lisbon, grappling with its modernisation in the eternal exercise of a city-in-the-making. Will it be able to reinhabit the collective space sustainably?