From Santurce to Bilbao

Madalina Lazar Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together
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That road that the Sardineras (sardines sellers) traveled from Santurce to Bilbao, following the course of the river Nervión, has been the route of people of different trades in different times, as the city was transforming and with it its estuary. For example, in the time of our grandparents, the Sardineras, the workers of the metallurgical industry, those who constructed ships, and sirgueras (women who towed boats along the riverbanks in the Basque Country, particularly around Bilbao, during the 19th century). Nowadays, all these works have disappeared or evolved, since Bilbao now is more of service and less industrial. My idea has been to show the evolution that has been taking the area through the different trades that have been made by the Bilbaínos over the years and putting as a central axis the estuary from Santurce to Bilbao. Therefore I have tried to capture the essence and vestiges that endure over time contrasting them with the present. To do this, after taking pictures of different parts of the city along the estuary, I have used AI as a tool that is constantly evolving.