Habitat Lutheri

Carla Hella Sofie Riechardt Open House Tallinn 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Habitat Lutheri highlights different fragments of an area and how each fragment contributes to a unified space whose unique character is made up of both natural processes and human interventions. The Lutheri Kvartal (Luther Quarter) in Tallinn is a former industrial area due to be transformed and start a new chapter of its life. During the Tallinn Open House 2023 festival, we walked through the area and got our first insights and some background information. There was something special about how different aspects came together to form the Habitat Lutheri, explored more closely in my visual story through atmospheric vignettes, sketches and collages. 

A part of preparing for the future is learning to perceive places and their qualities with all our senses—hearing, smelling and feeling them. In addition, questions of the past play a major role: what happened at these places? What functions did they have? How were they changed and adapted to different needs?