Houses’ Sketches

Adalgisa Nazaré Bolonha Fernandes Viegas Rodrigues Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together

The idea was to create hand drawings of the two houses I visited during the Open House Lisbon festival. Each space had a surprising story, from the conceptual form of the houses to the design of their interior spaces. The houses were still under construction, which allowed visitors to see the present state, which is still incomplete, and, with the architects’ narration, imagine the future spaces of each house. This is a new idea for this year’s edition. It fits perfectly with the slogan ‘Building Futures Together,’ as this type of experience opens a closer dialogue between people and the architectural practice.

Regarding sustainability, both houses prioritised the use of local materials and techniques. It was interesting to see the different creative solutions this approach allows while being mindful of the resources used.