How many times could we go around the Earth with the roads that are built today?

Madalina Lazar Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Roads are an intrinsic part of the development of humanity, and never before have so many roads been built in so many places. 

But how many times around the equator would 64 million kilometers allow us to travel? 1,604 times around the world by car.

The idea with these photos is to create a concern. The infrastructure that we humans are building is becoming more and more invasive of natural spaces. It is no secret that third-world countries are growing more than ever. All this, the need to reach a point that was not reached before, clashes head-on with the conservation of the environment.

Therefore, I have chosen two photos. The first shows a wide road with a considerable amount of parked vehicles that somehow creates a suffocating sensation compared to the pedestrian area. And finally, a solution to this problem, as we see an area (formerly used for vehicle traffic) now closed.