Inside my chest, there is something foreign

Nuria Díaz-Tejeiro García Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together
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‘Inside my chest, there is something foreign’ is an installation piece (a video projection and four images) that narrates a personal experience living in Bilbao, having grown up in a village (Santa Maria de la Alameda). From the rural to the city, and the need to intervene in the spaces, to try to find the delicacy, the sensitivity, and stimulation of the city while passing through the architecture (the house) of the city that welcomes. The nest architecture and green spaces of the city allow sensitive encounters. I propose an installation that exposes the emotion found in seeing a flower being born in my village, and that makes me plant it in a park in the city (Bilbao) in a conscious way. Admiring a butterfly in both places. Finding a home on the fifth floor of a building, in a strange beginning, made of brick and not stone. The city is shaped by the experiences generated within it, allowing people to inhabit it without denying its origin. My house is not only made of brick but also of memories that build it, the streets that surround it, and the brick itself.

It leaves flowers in the places that have died.

Press flowers.

Collect photos.

Make new ones.

Show them.

Go back to the old. Take care of it until it asks you to mistreat it. 

To neglect what you have is to mistreat it.

Let the planted flowers die.

Give away pressed flowers. 

Discard photos.

Forget the pictures you show.