Le bal bleu

Joana Tomas Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together
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This visual story was taken during the closing party of the Open House Lisbon 2023, in the courtyard of the Palacio do Sinel, where everybody involved with the event gathered.

The blue sheets on the background is an art installation we created, as Muro Atelier, an art and architecture collective working around circular economy. These are made with the cyanotype technique, a chemical printing process by UV’s using old sheets and flowers, creating this deep blue color.

Representing peacefulness, serenity, infinity and wisdom, the blue is taking over the hole picture : it is a way to “paint” the joy of this gathering and celebration moment.

This visual story represents a statement we want to make : it is only through participation, dialogue and co-creation that we can build futures together : there is no circular economy and no tactical urbanism without gathering individuals with diverse backgrounds and identities. 

In the end, the art installation is only the second character of this picture. It only exists because of the foreground, the people gathering around a common objective, a common future.