Meaning in every photo

Michal Hausknecht Open House Brno 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Photography. An art form that has gone through many changes throughout the years. Our grandparents would not even dream of the possibilities that we have now. We live in a time when just about everybody has a camera in their pocket on a daily basis. You do not even need to be a photographer to capture and to share your photos with the world. But with that comes a realisation that out of the thousands of photos that we take, very few of them are actually meaningful. 

Just recently I have discovered the wonders of film photography. It is absolutely fascinating how easily and affordably you can find a second hand film camera that is many decades old and it will still shoot beautiful images on film, just as on the day it was made. Very unlike modern technology that we tend to replace quite often, either to keep up with the times or because it breaks. 

And just like the resilient film cameras, the photos taken on film are just as timeless. Even though modern cameras are now able to take photos of higher quality, they still cannot compete with the magical feel of a photo captured on tiny grains of silver with all of it’s imperfections. And all that crammed into a film roll with 36 exposures, which makes you put a lot of thought into every image you take to make it count! And it is these photos that you will keep coming back to. 

My wish for the future is for us to appreciate every photo we take and for film photography to not be forgotten. For us to build a world where it can keep coexisting with digital photography. Together.