…Of all the colors, green

Oskar Callejo Ontoria Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together

In this edited photograph, I intend to highlight the simplicity of applying the 3Rs:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

My attention was drawn to the array of different containers in a leisure area at Torre Bizkaia/BAT: a refurbished, updated building that, among other things, tries to use energy efficiently, has a vertical garden on its terrace, and whose spaces are shared by several companies and initiatives.

Using that photo and another taken of the guide during the visit, I decided to create a message of optimism for a ‘greener’ future, symbolised by the colour of hope. In that future, people embody this hopeful colour. To do this, I created this layered collage in the simplest and most rudimentary way possible because reducing, reusing, and recycling is simple and natural.