IOANNIS TZANETEAS Open House Athens 2024 · Accessibility and Inclusion
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Short daily stories through faded images, in an imperfect environment, Ioannis Tzaneteas describes an enjoyable or not, origin and record of the Greek summer. The clicks heard through the plastic canon of the 90’s create a virtual noise, a constant failure of colors, which originated from the poor quality of the films and their unfortunate display environment.
Certainly the references of the pauses/theologos work are to the Americans William Egleston and Alex Soth, but without the color clarity.
A story predicted, without an alibi, but always on the edge of the summer game is formed between flip flops and slippers and the smell of a fire, perhaps even in anticipation of a new one.
The aim of these images is to raise awareness of the innocent side of August, which fills beaches in the most unexpected parts of the country. Plastic mattresses, beach chairs, children and grandparents allege the sobriety.