Jelena Kazak Open House Tallinn 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Recurrence (noun): a new occurrence of something that happened or appeared before; a repeated occurrence. 

Sustainability involves conscious and forward-thinking decisions and actions. Often, to come up with something new, we turn to the past for inspiration, find an idea we like, interpret it in a new way and by adding further nuances or modifications, we get something unique. The idea is repeated but slightly differently, as a recurrence.  A sustainable future involves new ideas, inspiration, reinvention and repetition. I took all the presented photos while volunteering for Open House Tallinn 2023 on their tours of Linnahall (Tallinn City Hall). I liked the empty interiors of the abandoned building, although it still seemed like they could be used somehow, in whichever peculiar way. Afterwards, I started imagining dreamy solutions for the spaces, adding small details and creating new collages with embedded stories.