Sharing to Build: Sustainable Buildings for an Enhanced City

Lia Di Nardo Open House Milano 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Milan has always been a green city: from climbing green in historical courtyard, parks or old vineyards to Biblioteca degli Alberi Park or iconic Bosco Verticale buildings in the new CBD. The Lanterna sul Tetto, an OHM venue in the centre of the city, is a sustainable private house. Is an example that allows to inform the visitors about the green architectural practice, regeneration, re-development and adaptive reuse. That raise awareness among visitors regards environmental aspects, social impacts and governance items. As per best practice and due to local green reglementations other projects were implemented: residential buildings Foresta Sospesa & Isola Verde, other OHM venues. People are involved in sustainable items gratefully of the beauty of these venues. All of this enhances the beauty of the city. By implementing best sustainable practices, cities will improve, and citizens, cities, and their buildings will move into the future together.

NOTE: Pics and drawings from archive of the author and archives of the Architects.