Spatial landscape

Eva Kareaga Cortacans Open House Bilbao 2023 · Building Futures Together

In this captivating photograph, a sculpture formed from an intriguing mix of concrete and glass stands as a fascinating testament to the delicate balance between strength and fragility in the world of art and architecture. The juxtaposition of these two seemingly contrasting materials creates a visual dialogue that challenges our perceptions.

Concrete, with its sturdy and unyielding presence, exudes a sense of permanence, like the foundation of a city’s foundations. Its imposing form is a testament to human ingenuity in harnessing the strength of materials to shape our surroundings.

However, in stark contrast, the glass elements within the sculpture bring an ethereal quality, as if capturing the very essence of fragility. Translucent and delicate, they glow like fragile memories, capturing the play of light and shadow and making a statement of their own.

As we contemplate this remarkable creation, the inherent tension between these materials becomes palpable. The unsustainability of this union transcends the physical realm, transforming the sculpture into a spatial landscape of contemplation. It encourages us to reflect on the delicate balance between humanity’s desire to leave a lasting imprint and the inevitability of impermanence in the face of time.

The photograph not only captures a beautiful work of art but also serves as a profound reminder of our role as stewards of the environment. It invites us to reflect on our choices in the built world, where the harmony between strength and fragility finds expression, creating an indelible narrative within the ever-evolving tapestry of our existence.