The beauty of architecture to the touch

Xenie Jenilina Open House Praha 2024 · Accessibility and Inclusion

👩‍🦯I am visually impaired and recently participated in a tour for the blind at the Open House festival in Prague. I was able to identify the architecture not only by touch, but also by using my other senses.
Each building had a different smell and sound, allowing me to experience it in a unique way.
I also had the opportunity to explore scale models of the buildings, which I could then examine closely.🏢

📷Photo description:
The photo depicts a young woman with long brown hair wearing a light blue denim dress and pink sunglasses. She is standing outside a modern building with large glass windows, holding a white building model in her hands. In the background, an ATM and part of the inscription “BANKOMAT 24/7” are visible. The woman also has a white cane, indicating that she is blind or partially sighted.