Therapy for a City

Catia Bras Open House Lisboa 2023 · Building Futures Together

Under the theme Building Futures Together and based on my visit to Open House festival venues in Lisbon, such as Montisnavia housing project, Prata Living Concept or Vieira de Almeida headquarters, I imagined a “healing” time lapse for a regenerative city where these old and obsolete urban/industrial equipment help to regenerate the city tissue and create new tools for a sustainable and inclusive future where the environment and local economy are protected, and at the same time, benefits the social and cultural life of its inhabitants.

Certain areas of Lisbon grew during the industrial development, transforming the former landscape of palaces, farms and convents into a landscape dominated by the silhouette of industry. However, the gradual vacating of several factories at the end of the 20th century led to the abandonment of these parts of the city, losing their former vitality through ruins, containers and obsolete residual spaces. 

Now these urban requalification projects, through resilient infrastructures, new energy efficiency models and reuse of resources , allows the mutability of the physical space and it’s adaptation to new uses, new mobilities, preserving the memory and renovating the building in a timeless “shell” capable of bearing the needs of the future.