Thoughts on a weekend’s stroll

George Kallivrouses Open House Athens 2024 · Accessibility and Inclusion
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Queuing along the fuchsia pedal line of Cercis Siliquastrum; urban stroller’s faithful companion tree.
Air and light shaft in Votanikos;
The ribcage of the five-store cement structure towers above our ascent.
Up into Keramikos lofts,
and wherever roots can reach terra firma, flora knows not the term ‘uninvited’; it is an eye-catcher with its coloury wink behind the plexiglass screen.
Ceiling mouldings at Kolonaki;
Embedded into the 19th century sheaf and behind the perpendicular angle of 21st century lighting set-up, co-sparking beside the ceiling’s flashing smoke detector, a jade shines; not so unexpectedly.
Naked industrial ceiling at Gazi;
There are places which love to be advertised as handmade and ad-hoc.
Votanikos ex-industrial complex;
A crooked funnel, shifting nimbus patchwork casted to mirror-patches installation. Their are more than the straight line to reach a place.
Moirée motif;
Once reserved for the fool and the vagrant, the stripes restored in wider conscience.