Anastasia Christodoulidou Open House Thessaloniki 2023 · Building Futures Together
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Tokuti(=the+box) is a small company making decorations out of paper and recycled paper. I was photographing for ‘Made in Thessaloniki’ and I chose to go to these people because I thought what they do is very creative. I wanted to meet them in person. So, when I went there, I heard them talking about how they came up with the idea during Christmas. They wanted to give people gifts but were too broke to buy them, so they started creating them! I thought it was very beautiful.

I think sustainability comes along with this company. Another thing I heard from them on that day was that the first year of having the place was difficult. But slowly they made it happen, so the slogan ‘Building futures together’ fits in this case. Since the economy in Greece is too bad to support small companies, especially when they are all about art, people like these should have a brighter future.